Interviews with Software Managers in Mentorship

Siddharth Rao, Staff Software Engineer & Tech Lead at Twitter

“It is quite important that every engineer set goals and challenges for themselves that push them beyond what the current or even the next ladder step requires of them.”

November 02, 2020 · #adtech #mentorship

Mark Shropshire, Senior Director of Development at Mediacurrent

“You can lead in your current role. No need to wait for a title with “manager” in it. Practice active listening, mentoring, delegation, and receiving/providing direct feedback.”

June 29, 2020 · #mentorship #open-source

Paweł Komarnicki, Co-founder & CTO at Vila Health

“As long as everyone keeps being constructive, mindful and kind, even the most polarizing ideas, opinions and approaches will lead to amazing results.”

December 02, 2019 · #backend #frontend #health-tech #mentorship

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