Interviews with Software Managers tagged #coaching

John Barton, Founder & CEO at Hecate

โ€œThe only feeling more exciting than how much you can achieve by making a computer do the work is when you get a bunch of people making a bunch of computers do the work.โ€

#coaching #entrepreneurship

Alex Martynov, Software Engineering Team Lead at EPAM Czech Republic

โ€œKnow yourself, your emotional triggers, your biases, your decision-making strategies. The more I learned about myself the easier it was to do what was needed to be done.โ€

#coaching #enterprise #soft-skills

Jigyasa Mathur, Engineering Manager at Contentful

โ€œBe patient. It gets much easier and clearer. And there is way more to learn than you imagine when you begin.โ€

#coaching #entrepreneurship #full-stack #product #startup

Shishir Sharma, Director of Engineering at Pingpad

โ€œMy team's failure was my failure and my team's success was my success.โ€

#coaching #devops #full-stack #startup

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