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Interviews with successful engineering leaders on how they approach management

Paweł Komarnicki
Paweł Komarnicki, Vila Health & Cubitoo

“As long as everyone keeps being constructive, mindful and kind, even the most polarizing ideas, opinions and approaches will lead to amazing results.”

#backend #frontend #health #mentorship

Ahmed El Gabri
Ahmed El Gabri, Lightspeed

“First, be a good listener and second, understand how to send a message in a way that the other person will understand it in the way that you want.”

#frontend #product #web

Ana Ulin
Ana Ulin, Patreon, Good Eggs, and Google, among others

“Seeing all our collective work come together as we make progress towards whatever we’re building is hugely satisfying.”

#android #frontend #remote #web

Gergely Nemeth
Gergely Nemeth, Uber

“It is not about shipping features anymore, but about unblocking team members and help them in any way you can so they can be productive and happy.”

#consulting #entrepreneur #frontend #open-source #public-speaking

Joan Gamell
Joan Gamell, Slack

“Becoming a manager is not easy at first, but can be very rewarding as long as you take pride and pleasure in building highly performant teams.”

#frontend #web

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