Interviews with Engineering Managers in Entrepreneurship

Software Engineering Managers in Entrepreneurship on how they think about management

Navin Lal
Navin Lal, Leadup

“Sometimes being a manager is like being a therapist, you just have to listen.”

#entrepreneurship #startup

John Barton
John Barton, Hecate

“The only feeling more exciting than how much you can achieve by making a computer do the work is when you get a bunch of people making a bunch of computers do the work.”

#coaching #entrepreneurship

Daniel Doubrovkine
Daniel Doubrovkine, Artsy

“I like this type of work because of the impact it has. I get to see and feel everything that’s going on at the company, then understand and make strategic decisions around actual technology that makes or breaks it.”

#enterprise #entrepreneurship #fine-arts #startup

Jonathan Bull
Jonathan Bull, EmailOctopus

“Programming will always be where I feel most comfortable, but ultimately I’m rewarded by seeing the company grow.”

#email-marketing #entrepreneurship #remote

Gergely Nemeth
Gergely Nemeth, Uber

“It is not about shipping features anymore, but about unblocking team members and help them in any way you can so they can be productive and happy.”

#consulting #entrepreneurship #frontend #open-source #public-speaking

Jigyasa Mathur
Jigyasa Mathur, Contentful

“Be patient. It gets much easier and clearer. And there is way more to learn than you imagine when you begin.”

#coaching #entrepreneurship #full-stack #product #startup

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