Interviews with Engineering Managers in Devops

Software Engineering Managers in Devops on how they think about management

Tsvetan Stoychev
Tsvetan Stoychev, ePetWorld GmbH

“Don’t take the role because you would like to get status and recognition. Do it because you see a possibility to make things better.”

#backend #devops

Arpan Sheth
Arpan Sheth, Twitter

“Everyday I want to make sure that I have put my team in a place where they have clarity in terms of expectations and have all the tools / support they need to perform their job.”

#devops #music #product #web

Andy Crouch
Andy Crouch, Open Energy Market

“It has surprised me how much I enjoy the business side of my role. I have learnt so much about accounting, sales and marketing and finance.”

#devops #product #remote #startup #web

Karen Cohen
Karen Cohen,

“Progress and change take time, you have to learn to be patient and look at it from a birds-eye view.”

#architecture #devops #product #public-speaking

Shishir Sharma
Shishir Sharma, Pingpad

“My team's failure was my failure and my team's success was my success.”

#coaching #devops #full-stack #startup

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