Running in Production

posted on December 12, 2019

Running in Production
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TL;DR: I geek out on the tech stack behind Developer to Manager here. 🤖

Recently I came across a website called Running in Production. Originally run by Nick Janetakis, it hosts interviews with different folks on how they run their small & big apps in production.

I find this to be a great resource for software developers to know what web frameworks or tech stacks others are using, and the reasoning behind all these different design choices.

Nick and I worked together on an interview where I talked about the various technologies that power Developer to Manager. This includes topics like what languages / web-frameworks we use to develop the site, why we use them, how the site is deployed to production, and more.

I'm happy with how the final interview has come out. In case you've been curious about the tech stack that powers Developer to Manager, you'll find this to be an interesting read!

Here's the full interview - Learn How to Excel at Engineering Management with Developer to Manager

Happy reading!

Photo by Stephen Dawson on Unsplash

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